American Panic

Militant cosplayers drool

In the news, the OathKeepers are calling for insurrection. They have issued a long list of their passionate desires they hope that President Trump with cosign. He will not. He will play golf. Get a load of some of these prayers, and note that I am not changing the numbering..

A.   Order the data seized:  Pursuant to that proclamation, order SOCOM and other trusted military units, to seize all databases of the CIA, FBI, NSA, DNI, etc and the records held by all state electoral systems and administrators.  And order them to take possession of and preserve all evidence of the insurrection/rebellion/coup wherever it is housed or held and to counter and suppress any attempt by the insurrectionists to prevent the seizing of the data.

Yeah right. Your rifle against my encryption. Good luck with that, soldier.

2.  Order the U.S. Military to go to Defcon 2, or even Defcon 1, to defend our nation from external threats while we suppress this internal insurrection.   It is imperative that we maintain strict control of our nuclear arsenal in patriot hands and that our armed forces stand ready to repel foreign attack and interference while we handle this necessarily drastic domestic house cleaning.

That’s what Defcon is for, domestic house cleaning.

But here’s what I think they really want.

3.  Call the militia into federal service.  Pursuant to you powers as Commander-in-Chief to call forth the militia, call up all National Guard units into federal service, and likewise call up all military veterans up to age 65 into federal service as the militia to assist in keeping the peace here at home.   Also call up all able-bodied Americans between the ages of 17-45 who are still loyal to the Constitution to likewise report for duty, bearing their own arms.   You have the power to command them and order them to report for duty at their nearest military base or National Guard armory in their state.   All of the above, as the militia, can be used to keep the peace in our local and state communities, under your direct command, to suppress the expected riots, terrorism, and armed insurrection by the radical left in the United States (who have been armed and equipped for months now by our foreign and domestic enemies).

I haven’t heard such a delicious desire for mayhem and busting power moves since I last listened the Notorious B.I.G.

These people are just looking for trouble and want to use the disposition of Donald Trump to justify their deep seated hostility. This is the very mirror of the dysfunctions of militant SJWs all across the land. Trump isn’t worth it and he never was. He’s just another American President who is overrated in the eyes of his lovers and his haters. His time has come and gone, but the warped sensibilities of Americans who have decided to make him the moral tentpole of their existence demonstrates their lack of faith in the rule of law and their preference for the rule of men. It is ever the temptation of the soulless to disregard life when they don’t get what they want. 

America moves too slowly for people who need immediate satisfaction in their lives. All proper governments do. Trump has neither created nor destroyed the conditions under which anyone with a real life can survive in America. Some people may think that’s the role of the President or of government, but these people are misled. Now they are agitated and panicky because their not-so-charming prince didn’t turn the world upside down quite enough for their sweep-needy feet. I said it before and I’ll say it again:

If Trump hasn't accomplished everything you desired after four years, maybe you have a bad idea about what a President can and should do. Take heart that there is still Santa Claus and God.

I just heard the best parable that applies to this. It’s from the Pixar movie Soul, one of the best they’ve ever done. A fish comes upon the old wise fish and says “I’m trying to find this thing they call the ocean”. “The ocean?” says the older fish, “That’s what you’re in right now.” The young fish says, “This is just water. What I want is the ocean.”

It’s kind of sad seeing people swim around in little circles hoping some big shark will chew up and spit out their enemies, especially when they call that shark from the depths of their desires with mystical bureaucratic incantations that sound legal. The powers of state are not to be abused for the defense of that fantasy that is the integrity of Donald Trump. The fact of the matter is that SOCOM commanders are not going to bend over for Trump just like the Supreme Court did not. The deep state ain’t all that deep. They are full of the same kind of fallible individuals who fall for okeydoke and emotional pushbuttons. But when they call for insurrection on the basis of a purported coup, when they call for the wholesale destruction of national institutions and militia rifles in the streets, it’s time to put their fetishes and wishful thinking into the sunlight of mockery. It’s time to submit their passionate desires to the rational deliberations of sober critics. It’s time to test their desire for shortcuts to glory against the wisdom of the ages.

America wasn’t established by a panic and it will not be unmade by one. There is nothing quite so low as the bully who hides behind a champion and so always calls for trial by combat. That is the feudal sport of kings.