Gina Carano & The Next Chivalry

Dying by the sword.

They say never to meet your heroes, but I honestly hope to God that Gina Carano is a lot like her Madalorian character. In the news, actress and MMA fighter Gina Carano has been summarily fired from Disney/Lucasfilm and her little dog too. Her little dog being her social media conversations. Now of course I am biased, but I have found some of the most honest and realistic heroic female characters in the Star Wars stories. One of the absolute best is her character Cara Dune. We’re going to miss heroes.

Before I get into the meat of this essay, I would like to remind you of some of the empowerment shit we have had fed to us over the years ostensibly for the purpose of casting women into ‘powerful roles’. There are plenty of nonsensical macho bullshit theatrics that Hollywood is capable of greenlighting, much of which has completely distorted our bourgeois sensibilities of what gunfights and streetfights look like. This goes back generations to one-shot-kills by eagle-eyed sheriffs that nail the bad guys on roofs who stiffen and fall forwards. You are probably used to watching ‘gangsters’ turning their pistol in one hand sideways. Hell there was even a movie called Wanted in which the badasses could curve the trajectory of bullets.

Bodewash. So one of the things that got on my nerve was watching movies in which female action stars demonstrated that they can’t even run. I’m not asking for Mary Sue, who in their right mind is? But I have always been a big track and field fan and do have a daughter who used to run hurdles in highschool. I know what a woman who can run looks like. Cara Dune could run, and she could fight. Gina Carano is no joke.

I have an idea that goes way beyond this to two places. But I must say that I disagree with your 'screw them' on pretty much all matters of political divisiveness and antagonistic propaganda. Basically if I cannot tell you to fuck off politically, without any fear of repercussions to my earning a living, then democracy dies. There is no question of this in my mind. It's red vs blue nationally in exactly the same way it was red vs blue in Compton, California - Crips vs Bloods.

When you when you allow political intolerance to escape the bounds of citizenship you destroy the very compact of citizenship. It's exactly what you would expect of a soulless corporation. One false political move and it's off with their heads.

Frankly, I think all of Carano's shit-talking, whatever it is, falls under the definition of 'creed' in the non-discrimination language of our civil rights. In my opinion, she has been violated.


Intellectual Abstraction #1
In the first direction I ask the question of assassination. We've been there before in my lifetime. To me, when you can get some face-painted clown to breach the Capitol under whatever premises, it's just a very short distance from that to assassination. If you can get 20 million people in America to disbelieve that SARS-COV2 is a real threat, and to believe that vaccination or 5G networks are the real threat, it won't take much for enemy action to reach lethal proportions. I think it is quite inevitable. This will take place in a corrupted democracy, but the rule of law will still apply as we have seen. This is my hedge. I have lived through the 1970s. I remember what it’s like to have double digit inflations and serial killers who poisoned Tylenol in the supermarket with cyanide. I’ve seen how bad things have been before in America. There’s a lot of reasons to think worse things than the firing of Carano can happen. But this is a singular event that in my estimation demonstrates the mendacity of Hollywood and the extraordinary influence it retains in order to lie. Major media is full of it. Opportunities abound, but this oligarchy has got to fall.

Intellectual Abstraction #2
The second direction is the matter of the manners of lethal actors. In an actual lawless situation - or one in which law enforcement is at an ineffective distance, certain chivalric manners arise. History is replete with societies in which such chivalry stands in place of an open and free society. In short, there will be rulers, knights and peasants. The peasants will have no say, honor or rights, as Carano has none. Those who have lethal skills and some leave by the powerful, will have a code of honor which is enforced in person, not by any third party like police. This can take place on a small scale (and does in our 'Comptons') but not on a large scale in a democracy.

These are the two ends of the erosion of civil rights in the rule of law. Destroying someone's career for political reasons is becoming commonplace. This is the ordinary business of state intelligence agencies. It's becoming mainstream. We frogs need to jump out of this pot.


Fallout in Reality
So now I have had the chance to get a closer look, but not too closely parsed, at Gina Carano. About 20 minutes into her interview with the usually sharp-elbowed Ben Shapiro showed me something I didn’t quite expect to see, but am glad I did.

Firstly, she put on an excellent demonstration that she is a sweetheart. She is both sensitive and tough. Secondly, she’s no political provocateur. She’s just somebody with an opinion that generally gels with the broad American Right.

Of course since I watched Nerdrotic’s video a few days back, I have had bots recommend all sorts of hot mess testimony on Carano. It’s impossible to guess the applicability of the hype words associated with ‘pushback’ of the Star Wars fanbase on Disney, or the likelihood that the head of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy is going take it on the chin, but clearly non other than John Favreau is ‘monumentally pissed’.


The Next Chivalry
So let us imagine the dystopia that we failed to predict about these woke days. We thought by 2020 we’d have settlements on the Moon, instead we have flat earthers, anti-vaxxers and mobs in the Capitol. We have a statue of MLK on the Mall, but no amount of honesty about his intentions about race. Human nature isn’t changed, nor is it incapable of being managed. We have just ingested a lot of bad software which is making us behave in untoward ways. It’s not real culture. It’s not honest politics. It’s substandard culture and politics, some of which is malware intentionally planted. We have been simulating bad people and a cracked up nation because we have been eating too much shit. As a mental exercise, next time you start to watch a movie on Netflix, take a pencil and write down the details of the rating. When somebody asks what you are watching, reply with the disclaimer instead of the title. “Oh I don’t know, something with nudity, violence, crude language and smoking.”

When it becomes understood that some fraction of your obiter dicta can get you destroyed by secret committees, then the asymmetry will require violence.

In this direction forward is the Wild West. When so many institutions are corrupted and prove so by doing what has been done to Carano and others like her, the result will be more than just devolution of society into tribes, but to single combat. Ask yourself honestly. Would you rather be sued into penury or given a 15 minute boxing match with your enemy? What if your enemy was the head of a multibillion dollar social media company? What if he was a corrupt cop on the street? What if she was the highschool principal who racialized the curriculum?

I remember when, not too long ago, people like Gavin Newsom patiently explained to us all, that legalizing gay marriage was an end to itself. That movement was not to be zero-sum and it wasn’t trying to re-engineer society. Is what’s happening today a mere coincidence? I’m not so sure. Let me think about it.

Is Twitter a jury of my peers?