Looking Back on When I..

Conversation for Adults

Jimi Izrael is a phenomenal dude. He is one of the most emotionally intelligent and generous people I know. I have been rapt by his ability to coax the most honest and poignant vignettes out of folks on his podcast Conversation For Adults. It’s genuinely hard for me to listen to them nonstop, because I keep pausing the tape to throw up my own answers to his questions. Needless to say I have been waiting for this to happen for a long time.


If you click the Cobbski button, you get two hours of talk which is quite fun that covers not only my stuff leading the Conservative Brotherhood but some other adventures as well. That would include my work as the Boohab, as Mellow Mike and various other personae adopted for the various performances of my online life.

What I never mentioned in all of this was that I was aiming in my anti-racism to always say the same thing to blacks as to whites and other players in the game. This was originally aligned, or so I thought, with the aims of Adam Serwer and the Race Traitor folks. I still like the Race Traitor slogan, ‘treason to race is loyalty to humanity’ but there were devilish details.

The other black internet entrepreneur I was trying to remember was Malcolm CasSelle and his property was Netnoir.

The LA author of Understand This I was trying to remember was Jervey Tervalon, but it also bears mentioning that my other favorites during the Unleashed period were Greg Tate, Umberto Eco, Hinton Als, Stanley Crouch, Marshall Blonsky, Nelson George, Paul Beatty and Darryl Pinckney.