Something Hegelian This Way Comes

A short note

Because I am in the midst of a number of very interesting things, I haven’t gotten much to write about or finish writing this week. However, I wanted to give you guys a heads up about what’s percolating.

  1. I am formalizing my new black thing through Free Black Thought. It’s all about black diversity and its enemies. I say my new black thing because that’s how it’s constituted now, and it joins a parade of projects I have engaged before. The aim, much as it has been for me since the late 80s is to liberate blackness from blackness and to recover the beauty of what has been lost in the struggle to recast blackness yet again. This is always a very particular thing and I don’t expect everyone to get it. Nevertheless, there will be some interesting testimony.

  2. I have finished my first book by Karl Popper whom I view as the Kryptonite to a string of anti-scientific rationalities. Primarily amongst them, it seems, is the entire string of theories and frameworks whose core is the metaphysics of the Hegelian dialectic. Popper hates Hegel in a way I have only been hip to for a week or so, and I love Popper in a way that has simmered internally for years.

  3. I am putting the final touches on my reference audio setup featuring NAD & Klipsch, and finishing the collection of my father’s jazz library. I have discovered some awesome beauty and intriguing sound. I am thoroughly excited about this development.

  4. I am in transition after the selling of the startup where I have worked (from home) for the past decade and am lazing in the sunshine of exit moolah and an exciting new crew to work with. So that’s keeping me on a different set of toes and drawing smiles from different corners of my mouth.

In the meantime, you can pay attention if you like to the revolution of thought and clash of philosophical titans outlined in this lecture from James Lindsay from which some significant fraction of my intellectual combat against some badthink comes.

By the end of the summer I should be wearing a new pair of conceptual shoes and running around in the same directions but with a bit different style, and hopefully finesse. I’m not trying to hate but clarify.