St. George vs St. Kyle

Obligatory Seriousness

Some time ago I wrote my opinion about the previous Trial of the Century. I figured it would be longer before we had another one.

There are about 40 murders a day in the USA. Every tribe decides its own totems and saints. Each has its own crèche and sacred monuments and each demand their own sacrifices and obeisances. I am not under any obligation whatsoever as a free citizen of the Republic to participate in any of those rituals. I’ve seen the canonization of St. George and St. Kyle. I wrote two songs about it last year. Either way, I don’t personally feel responsible to weigh in much more seriously, other to note something as a followup to the thing that happened when that other cop got convicted. I suspect that respect for the court system is headed downhill depending on how many mad people decide to take to the streets and how many journos are allowed by their bosses to editorialize for the court of populist opinion. I’m not sanguine about the probabilities. 

Just about a year ago in what I thought was in the middle of the Pandemic, I recorded an album called Isolation. It resurrected my fondness for making electronic music. Since I’m not a Soundcloud pro, I still haven’t figured out how to make that online service actually arrange my tracks into an album. Considering the time I put into the album art, I think I deserve better. Then again, I do have a day job. So there is, set in digital stone, an exact image of the amount of emotional passion I have for both of these modern day icons of revisionist history. Three tracks can be heard by clicking on the red button above.

  • A Message from God. (Wait for it)

  • Saint George - Gothic choir over Beats. And they don’t stop.

  • Saint Kyle - It seems peaceful at first.

There’s not much to say about the second two tracks. I’m much more fond of the first, but I found that the second two are almost prophetic in their predictable monotony, but I let you judge for yourself. If you dare.

Some fraction of my music is here