The End of Hope

Death of a Protector

I got the bad news yesterday and I have yet to absorb it all. In fact, I haven’t even watched the entirety of the video I am presenting to you. I have my biases about what ought to be said in general and what may be said specifically. For the moment however, you should know that this video is essentially a suicide note - one that was carried out. So give yourself some space before you sit down to consider what follows.

I feel some responsibility to share this as I had earlier last year when I published a video of an LAPD officers briefing in which the commander became emotional about the duty he had to protect City Hall from protesters when the City Council had just been calling cops ‘racist’. What needs doing is the presentation of the harsh consequences of irresponsible leadership, both political and professional, that is done for the sake of national optics rather than people in their jobs and lives. That’s what I’m nudging here. So share this however you see fit. Archive it if you can. You never know what might get canceled these days.

I probably won’t editorialize directly on this matter, but know that this man is family and he’s not the first to suffer an untimely death in my life. I am not stoic for fun, but because I must deal with tragedy with a clear sense of rationality.