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About those "rulers of BLM" - Obama’s the poster child and his cousin Warren Buffett is the money behind Black Lives Matter. https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/warren-buffett-black-lives-matter

<blockquote>There is, however, another version of events, in which the heartfelt dedication to racial justice is only the forward-facing side of a more complicated movement. Behind the street level activism and emotional outpouring is a calculated machinery built by establishment money and power that has seized on racial politics, in which some of the biggest capitalists in the world are financially backing a group of self-described “trained Marxists”—a label that Cullors enthusiastically applies to herself and the group’s other co-founders.

These bedfellows, whose stories and fortunes are never publicly presented as related, are in reality intertwined under the umbrella of a fiscal sponsor named the International Development Exchange. A modestly endowed West Coast nonprofit with origins in the Peace Corps—which for decades supported local farmers, shepherds, and agricultural workers across the Global South—IDEX has, in the past six years, been transformed into two distinct new things: the infrastructure back end to the Black Lives Matter organization in the United States and also, at the very same time, an investment fund vehicle driven by recruited MBAs and finance experts seeking to leverage decades of on-the-ground grantee relationships for novel forms of potentially problematic lending instruments . And it did so with help from the family of one of the most famous American billionaires in history—the Oracle of Omaha himself.</blockquote>

The police, as currently configured, are obsolete and a decision has been taken to do away with their current barely governable configuration. Part of the War on Drugs was to keep cops from policing their own neighborhoods. Even if they live in the city they serve, they cannot work in the jurisdiction they live in, as it may create a conflict of interest. Police not knowing residents is policy, not an accident.

Many police, firefighters/EMTs, and other city employees do not live in the cities that employ them. As the ratio of local residents working for a city steadily declines, so does the performance of that city’s government. It’s a terrible situation, made demonstrably worse by state laws that struck down residency requirements for city employees statewide, in contravention of home rule guarantees. State preemption of local control is destroying municipal governments throughout numerous states.

With the military, it seems odd that progressives are just now waking up to the idea that an all-volunteer force somehow may mysteriously end up with a disproportionate number of right-wing members. Maybe we have a similar phenomenon with police. So I would suggest a draft not only for the military but also for local police. Everyone at a young age should experience one or the other, or maybe both, for a few years. Then perhaps we could have informed discussions and dispense with most of the righteous ranting.

We should also dispassionately consider how dangerous a police officer’s job actually is – compared to a truck driver, carpenter, farmer and host of other jobs…. hint, you will find that a cops level of danger in their job does not make the top ten list.

And as for stopping crime, the police are really, really bad at it. According to FBI stats, only 4% of major crimes reported to police end in someone being convicted of a crime***…and only half of all major crimes are reported.

If we are actually concerned with public safety, with crime control, with having a public institution who’s mandate is actually to serve and protect the citizenry, then we need to design a whole new system from the ground up. Trying to reform the policing system we have into doing what we want it to do is doomed to fail. We need to start with a system that is accountable to the populace it serves, and that is designed specifically to provide security to that populace; not try to reform a system that was designed for entirely different purposes than to protect and serve the public.

So all the soap opera and machismo pushed by cops – that their job is so tough and dangerous – reduces to mush when held to the light of evidence. Continuing in that vein, by and large, police officers are exceptionally well-paid for the minimal qualifications required to get the job. Moreover, there are the power and prestige attractions associated with being narratized as heroic first responders and all that folderal. When you take into consideration official overtime pay, and the pay available for moonlighting, policing is one of the few remaining occupations in which a certain demographic with nothing more than a high-school diploma can realistically achieve a 6 figure income.

This is why police have so little difficulty parting with the 6-8% annual vigorish to their “fraternal orders”. The fraternal lodges are the real command and control systems for police departments. The chief of police is typically a bureaucratic figurehead whose job it is to run interference with politicians – and to a limited degree – the public.

In the interest of supporting citations – I offer the following link https://www.kctv5.com/news/local_news/charges-against-tow-truck-driver-dropped-after-audio-emerges-of-kcfop-president-department-will-investigate/article_7d41362c-4494-11eb-84ea-5febf1d0d652.html

But recommend a google search on – fop brad lemon tow lot scandal

This is a wonderful mid-sized urban anecdote of most of the moving parts involved with the structure of power, prestige, and accountability in contemporary policing. Abusive policing is concentrated among a relatively small proportion of police officers. The majority of U.S. police probably spend their entire careers without any incidence of corruption or brutality.

The problem is that police abuse is protected, unconditionally, resulting in either no or disproportionately low consequences for their actions. What results is that some naturally violent or naturally corrupt people will seek out police careers because it allows them to fulfill these desires without consequence.

Many police departments would have to undergo massive personnel purges to break the power of the corrupt and the abusers that too often run these departments through their unions. The unions will have to be broken. Having a leadership role in a police union or fraternal organization should be cause for extreme scrutiny.

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So glad to see you here. We are in remarkable agreement, but the details you provide are fascinating. TBH one of the reasons I mentioned Chief Diversity Officer is not only because I know a few personally, but that I actually talked myself through an introduction of myself as one imagining what I would say if I landed the very lucrative job tease I got in an email last week. In the end I thought that there would be no better definition of a sell-out for me than if I took such a position. Although in my short fantasy I imagined that I could diffuse the racial thing by substitution of strong corporate values, and I realized I was heaping nonsense upon bullshit. Nevertheless I do not doubt the seductive power of the new bodewash - its yet another amoral poop chute through which a new generation will be shoved.

I dont' think Americans recognize 'it' when it happens here. We actually learn to respect it too quickly. I am quickly brought to mind of middle class morality and how it circumscribes Americans in a completely captured consumer economy. (c.f. https://cobb.typepad.com/cobb/2016/04/the-moral-hazard-of-blessing-the-marginal-gift.html)

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* I am impressed by the fact that Catholicism does not evangelize. It merely presents itself. And it presents its rituals and sacraments as a way of understanding and expressing the self in an effort to be Christlike.

Does the church of diversity-inclusion-equity evangelize?

* Nevertheless I do not doubt the seductive power of the new bodewash - its yet another amoral poop chute through which a new generation will be shoved.

I love it when these quantum aethernets conspicuously entangle. I have had this essay tabbed for weeks and only just now read it in context of our exchange here.

* The Consequences of Catholicism for Political Theory https://benjaminstudebaker.com/2021/04/19/the-consequences-of-catholicism-for-political-theory/

* There’s an endemic debate over what people are saying when they refer to ‘the west’. Is the west defined by its whiteness, its wealth, its liberal democracy? Should we call it the ‘highly developed countries’, the ‘advanced economies’, the ‘first world’, or the ‘global north’? I think most of these terms misses what is distinctive about this set of places. The countries we think of as ‘western’ are all countries where Catholicism was once dominant but is now in varying levels of retreat. Western countries are ‘post-Catholic’.

* Catholicism has certain distinctive effects on a place. Crucially, Catholicism situates politics as subordinate to morality. In medieval Catholic states, the monarch derives authority from the pope or from divine right. This means the monarch’s legitimacy depends on the monarch having the right moral orientation. In other parts of the world, politics and morality were more heavily enmeshed. In the Byzantine Empire, the emperor was supreme in both religious and temporal matters. In the Islamic world, the caliph combined both political and religious authority. In China, different dynasties embraced and promoted the teachings of many different schools of thought at varying points. It was only in the Catholic west that politics and morality were firmly separated, with the former rendered clearly subordinate to the latter.

Are corporations now deriving their "authoriteh" from the rump "professional" class mediocrities comprising the diversity-inclusion-equity clergy? Can the ecclesiastical congregation of diversity-inclusion-equity offer absolution?


Or merely economic cancellation...,

* I imagined that I could diffuse the racial thing by substitution of strong corporate values

* I am quickly brought to mind of middle class morality and how it circumscribes Americans in a completely captured consumer economy.

On God Cobb, the only pervasive corporate values I see nowadays boil down to Overton's Window of permitted discourse - and - expected prompt and unquestioning compliance on the part of economically captured consumers.

I think that the pretend ethics of diversity-inclusion-equity have been quickly and none too subtly supplemented by "trust the science" indoctrination and compliance. If our corporate feudal lords can only police what we say or have ever said, that only scratches the surface of intended orthodoxy. If they can police what we do in ways that extend down to our genomes, then...,

The government can't police your intentions or your expressions or your behaviours anywhere near as well as corporations with amorphous community standards and big data, algorithms, and cheap filipino and south asian moderators.

Warren Buffett's cousin and the diversity commander-in-chief was busy peddling some highly suspect "trust the science" theocracy just last sunday on teevee https://youtu.be/19c8miDOYYg

If we can't persuade you to comply, we've got some community standard digital passports coming your way here shortly so that you can show and prove your true belief...,

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A “stoic observation” from the talented teeth with ample use-of-force experience would either a) assume a “false flag” event or b) recognize a cannibalizing injustice.

So... The “black” radicals were never on the “far left” and always just one step away from “white supremacy.”

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"This diet has created a hunger for its delectables, and consequently millions of Americans have been patiently waiting beside their radios and in front of their screens to find more examples."

Ah, the comfort and solace of gleichschaltung enhanced confirmation bias. How much more supple and malleable has the public become after a year+ of lock-downs spent bing watching pre-packaged crap?

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"You don’t get handsome faces, clear stentorian voices, stereo drama drums and popping color graphics for free."

True, but this was free and when reading this post I heard it as a clear, stentorian voice.

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