A Cop on Trial

Almost Obligatory Seriousness

A while ago on my old blog, I used to indulge the category of Obligatory Seriousness. It meant that I basically took a topic that ‘everybody’ is talking about and explain in simple but sometimes sarcastic language what appears to me to be obvious. The problem with this is that I was often prompted to speak out about something I didn’t really care much about. So it either sounded like I was just adding fine print to a big legal narrative I didn’t really want to sign, or I was just piling on for likes. Then again sometimes you have to remind people that the earth isn’t flat. Sucks to be me.

Here’s what actually gets on my nerves about this whole deal this past week going back to Shaquanda Cotton and beyond. Apathy with black success. Obsession with black failure.

Police kill about 300 black Americans every year. In that same year over 2,100 black Americans earn a PhD. So if you are black in America, you are 7 times as likely to earn a PhD as you are to get killed by a cop. Says these guys whose voices are drowned out by the likes of those guys over there and these guys over here.

Manufactured Ascent
Every 10 years it seems we are dealing with another Trial of the Century. I suppose that wouldn’t be a bad thing if more of us understood the law and exactly how often matters are tried in context. I have what is considered a troublesome attitude about such matters as justice, and that is because I don’t take my attitude and my sentiment seriously. As a Stoic, I observe what facts and frameworks most shape matters in current events and that’s mostly it. That’s mostly it because I am not called upon to make weighty decisions based upon these facts and frameworks, and I am not often inclined to emote about them. I am always repelled by wishful thinking. I am always dubious of the sentiments of crowds.

For a several years now, we have been subjected to a curated media diet of sensational events involving unarmed black men and white police officers. This diet has created a hunger for its delectables, and consequently millions of Americans have been patiently waiting beside their radios and in front of their screens to find more examples. Call it a drama consumerism. I do actually find it distasteful that these millions of eyeballs and earholes serve to monetize the diet. You don’t get handsome faces, clear stentorian voices, stereo drama drums and popping color graphics for free. I don’t happen to know if it’s McDonalds or Geico who pays because I don’t attend those feeds. Somebody does, and that somebody is bankrolling the diet and staying in our minds. So one thing I would like to impress upon you is that if America is full of any kind of evil as presented by this media diet, know that it is profitable for media outlets to present it, because sponsors are hungry for your hungry minds.

As an expert on racism, it is my considered opinion that the term has been watered down to perception on the microaggression level. As an expert on psychology it is my considered opinion that the ability of African Americans to survive such racism is remarkably robust. I would even suggest that African Americans are anti-fragile to racism. The more you pile upon them, the more fierce and strong they become. This opinion is not one you have likely heard before, then again you probably don’t know how much money a Chief Diversity Officer makes, or how many properties the rulers of BLM have purchased, despite how absolutely gratuitous and wrong it is for me to make them examples of black Americans.

So really I don’t have any more words for this, but I suppose I needed to be on record saying something obvious.

Guilty. Yay. Next.

One more thing. If policing was actually a matter of white supremacist anything, you would expect something equally as poisonous and deadly to black life equally affecting black women, children and the elderly. As usual and with my usual respect and admiration, you are encouraged to add your considered opinions to the comments section.

And finally, a deeper dive for those inclined to philosophical implications.

Sorry I had to go here. We should all be, I reckon.