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Apr 10, 2021Liked by Michael David Cobb Bowen

One sentence went in way deep and true: "I suppose never, which is when we'll all realize at once that we are God's children and we don't even really know God." Your sentence brought up a couple from a book on phenomenology by Cecile Tougas: 'I grew up in a medieval metaphysics where everyone is a child of God and lives in an immortal soul. And has a purpose.' It has taken nearly 8 decades of living this mortal life to recognize consciously that I have lived my life from this metaphysics and to see that, even now, I am only beginning to know God...as through a glass darkly.....

And yes, your position is genuinely Stoic to my experience. I would ask if the Trickster is still alive and well in your choice of that Dore engraving of the Expulsion. At least on my reading of your account of those social media spaces, your expulsion was from Hell.

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