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I'm not sure if I'm a "Data Designer" or "Data Engineer". I like Engineer because its sounds more professional, but let us both admit - we are not engineers. There is no certificate in software equivalent to a Professional Engineering certificate. Your bad code loses money; a bad bridge kills people. Disregard the very few who code life support systems.

I envy you and you blazing forth with leading edge technologies. Sadly, my bread and butter is trying to explain why a clients huge COBOL program does not handle UTF-8, and some still think its because of racism.

Luckily I learned programming missiles (no exit code; end run is missile go boom!) to program for performance from day 1. If you do not design for performance and scalability from day 1, you are not going to get it. That's why, for all I hate the ancient waterfall design process, at least they understood you need some answers (not assumptions) before you start.

And all that mention of languages and data, but no love for SQL? Don't like functional languages? Not trying to exist a VI vs EMACS feud here, just curious.

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Success is dependent on how quickly the dime drops when your gut has been wrong about something as key as this. I'd have made the same call - you don't think the baby can dance like Gregory Hines and sing like Aretha on command until you watch it happen in front of your own eyes.

I'd be interested in hearing you muse on the "riding the tiger" aspect of humanity's interface with GPT-4 and its offspring. Have a field day - I'm going to work on reeds after breakfast. They're not quite there with the synthetics yet.

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I wish I understood what he was talking about.

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