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So eloquently put as always, and sadly I suspect that this post itself will demonstrate the lack of exploration which you describe. Instead of making their way out here for a broader view of the landscape, most people will remain fixated on the latest wave of targeted #News stories. If it's not '#Trending', it's not #Happening. Number of Views are important, not depth of views. Quantity of information is on tap, but quality is increasingly hard to come by.

What you say relates to an idea which I've been putting forth to the few fellow explorers I come across that essentially things like curiosity, open-mindedness, & critical thinking have crossed beyond being merely unfashionable/uncomfortable and become *fully taboo* on a mass scale in recent years (largely, in my view, as a result of Social Media amplifications). Questioning tribal #Dogmas is akin to dancing with The Devil. Who knows what Wrong(/Evil) Ideas might tempt you if you're exploring Other perspectives? Why ask questions, when you have The Answers?

No, no, better to keep your head down and your eyes fixated on your Feed to await the next #Commandment or #Revelation as revealed by our Holy Influencers and their algorithmic angels.

To be a Good Person is to be a Follower, not an explorer.

My sense at this point is that the dystopian sci-fi / horror film has become all-too-familiar. The question is: are we reaching a plot twist, or an ending? I don't think we have too long to wait for the answer...

Meanwhile, I'll be savoring what wonders of life remain unsullied by the Wokeness Wars.

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