Hello. I enjoyed reading this, but I have a question.

"My theory of information dynamics says that knowledge cannot be maintained without the expense of energy. I'm finding an interesting inefficiency in my gaming lately."

If you do not need to know how to defend the totems are you not being efficient by defeating the game a different way? Perhaps I misunderstand how you use the word inefficiency?

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The habit of calling our Constitutional Republic a Democracy has been developed from many years of referencing the USA as such in the course of conversation and debate, primarily incubated in the political and educational fields. These fields are where most intentional error is incubated. The reason why the founders did not build a Democracy was to avoid the real problem of mob rule. The mob having a monopoly on education, many do not even realize what it is I'm referencing and how this is directly why we have (are supposed to have) an electoral college. We tend to think of a mob rule as the largest group of people ruling over everyone else. This is not the only way. Our biggest problem is comparable to how the mafia accomplished mob rule: a smaller group exercises dominion over a larger group by force and threat of violence and the larger group is stymied by fear., this is mob rule regardless of the size of the mob. Our Constitutional Republic has a Constitution that is the supreme law (not a living thing but laws like the speed limit and not rioting) and representatives voted into office by the citizens. Even wanting democracy is foolishness, that is how dictators and such are developed.

BTW, your haircut is perfect.

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Hi Michael! You missed a step in the ladder of synthesis: data → information → knowledge → understanding → wisdom. And that of course is the civilian version of the ladder, the military version ends in "intelligence" rather than "wisdom", referring to that often mocked but still quite important concept ("military intelligence") of undetermined truths.

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