Apr 4, 2022Liked by Michael David Cobb Bowen

As to the Comanches, I recommend T. H. Fehrenbach’s, “Comanches: The History of a People.” Its original subtitle was, “The Destruction of a People,” but this title was nixed by academics and Social Justice Warriors--I.e., people who put the ferocious Comanches on par with The Gentle Tasadays. Fehrenbach sets the record straight with plain candor, solid research and no SJW bullshit. It is clear he respects the survival skills and the courage of the Comanche and he chronicles their history and great battles as well as their artisanal and oratorical skills. Fehrenbach fought in Korea, saw lots of death, and also went to Princeton. In spite of that, he’s not full of PC bullshit. Instead, he’s respectful and measured in his assessments.

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