"In a classic essay from 1965, Johan Galtung analyzed the structure of news."

Who is Johan Galtung?

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"I wonder if my focus on current events is making me less Stoic."

I had to ditch twitter before it ruined me.

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I think even Marcus Aurelius cursed...

And it is amusing to the attempts at Cancelling and how various corporations are dealing with it. The Whoopi's whoopsie has been dealt with a two week suspension at which time I expect her to return. It is clear that the Powers That Be at ABC have determined the attention span of twitter and social media. The ignorance about ideology which underpinned that murderous regime was stunning. All I can say is that there are reasons why Germany is paying reparations to Namibia for the genocide it enacted in the early 20th century. ..

The list which you published of right leaning commentators is rather laughable. I suspect it is the first time Russell Brand has been called right leaning in his life.

Will Joe Rogan prove to be the JK Rowling of podcasting? Who knows. I suspect some of the posturing has to do with where artists make their money and the growing realization that Spotify is making more and more money from podcasts rather than from aging rockers.

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