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What a weird mishmash of undigested ruminations..., caused me to momentarily reflect back on my casual local observation of the decline and fall of the United Nation of Islam on Quindaro Blvd in Kansas City Kansas.

Been watching the militant Catholics and some of my AR-fetishizing Knights of Columbus bredren eagerly chomping at the bit to "get it on". What I find they all have in common is that they're "men out of time." That for a rich variety of reasons they've simply lost their way and find themselves clutching at increasingly elusive straws of relevance.

Chanced upon this peculiar little video this morning talm'bout the order of the nine angles. https://youtu.be/ojLOQ-v1uEU https://www.hopenothate.org.uk/2019/02/16/state-of-hate-2019-order-of-nine-angles/

Out of all this chaotic bubbling, the part that's most interesting to me is what cats have to tell themselves to get in condition for the ultraviolence that keeps promising to get underway. Does knowing you're a "man out of time" make you inevitably pretend to be a "man above time" or still more fantastically, a "man against time"?

Curious to know how you think peculiar "men out of time" negroe cohorts - LARPing for relevance - like the NOI, the Hebrew Israelites and others may fare under the potentially very trying times just around that signpost up ahead?

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May 23, 2021Liked by Michael David Cobb Bowen

A troublesome dream sat me upright at 6:30 this morning, strangely I was fully rested as I methodically traced the morning ritual of tongue scraping and mouth rinsing followed by solid and liquid eliminations...fire heated water simmering gently, poured ala french-press over freshly ground sumatran beans , sweetened with unfiltered honey, which I have become accustomed for the past months as I seem to have eliminated sugar from my weekly shopping without any forethought as a dietary change motivation for better health, my hand has just ceased the grab as if by its own volition. Funny how I've just seemed to notice that phenomenon. Sitting at my decades old Imac.. and alas, your stoic observations...warm compliment to a Sunday morning house with only the gentle hum of the washing cycle to break the silence. As I read your observations I am gobsmacked with you referencing

"I share disdain with Eric Weinstein for the legions of physicists who strive to understand the meaning of dark matter that contributes nothing to the illumination of darkness visible in the affairs of man."

My father once quipped rhetorically to dinner guests circa 1969 " I worry about Red China, my wife Sylvia worries about running the house and caring for the children" I used to think , wow he was so intellectual, now I am dismayed at how unenlightened he truly was, the admiration of my youth has faded completely as the years of my existential realities exposes the erroneous thesis, I am more a negative theology or of apophatic approach which too is an illusion, no?

Krishnamurti stated:

Truth is a pathless land. Man cannot come to it through any organization, through any creed, through any dogma, priest or ritual, not through any philosophical knowledge or psychological technique.

The myth, the fictitious, the ideal, has no validity; it is a result, an end, and what is important is to understand the process through which it has come into being. To understand that which you are, whether pleasant or unpleasant, the myth, the ideal, the self-projected future state, must entirely cease.

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bruh..., if I Venmo you $20.00, would you take your slack-jawed fanboy to lunch for an in-and-out burger so he can die happy?

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It's not Jahiliyyah that defines Islam, but the acts of Muslims in concert post-Jahiliyyah, and whether those acts were in accordance with the revealed prophecy of Muhammad.

The splintered nature of Islam, and which surahs are emphasized by each individual sect, indicates the complexity of such an issue.

I have my own take, which is imperfect, but which motivates me to bind more tightly to my own Catholic faith.

I had an Islamic visitor to my workplace, and on a Friday, he indicated that he needed to be at mosque by 5PM for the prayers. He told me this at 3PM, and not being an Angelino, had no idea of what traffic was like in LA on a Friday afternoon. I told him he should have been out of my facility by 2:30 to be sure of making it even 20 miles. He then asked if I knew of any mosques nearby. I suggested the only one I knew -- the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City, to which he responded "Oh, no, that would not do. If they found out what sect of which I was a member, they would kill me as an apostate." So we did an internet search and the nearest acceptable mosque was in Cerritos. I got him the directions, and off he went. On Monday, he revealed that he was an hour late, but the imam and the entire congregation waited for him. I have to admit -- I was impressed that one lost sheep meant that much to his mosque, and that the antipathy between the various sects was so sharp that a Muslim must tread carefully even among other Muslims.

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I made some Jahiliyyah, yesterday. The crawfish was delicious, as usual.

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