I think Cobb can speak for himself he doesn't need grown men to cape for him.

Uhm yeah I spend zero time talking about...thinking about....worrying about the race police. Whoever they are matter because you make them matter. Stop making them matter by addressing them. Who is enslaved and chained?

The fact I don't even know who these people are more care should I from you they have zero relevance. They don't matter. I walked about all last week and gave whoever these boogey men are no thought. Sounds like a new way to be a culture warrior while denying being a culture warrior.

"I talk about the world all day but me I'm above it all...but watch me constantly talk about it some more"... 😂

It's like...Any man who brays his wife is a scum bag...I would never do that...now watch me tell you why a man is justified in beating his wife again. 😆

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I also wonder who is the intended audience if there is one. Most people have multiple identities in life. Some are fluid and situational...many fleeting. Race, ethnicity, religion usually are not after a certain age. Those are some of the most as one if the most unmalliable things...not just in the U.S., but clearly in the globe. I guess the average reader here is like 40+ as o most already agree or they likey wouldn't be here. I would think to have been a social impact or to really dialogue you would h as be to engage people who are not crystalized yet...who are still fluid....young adults.

Also even within identities there are varying degrees of adherence. Some of the most militant pro Black talking race men I've seen are married to nonblack women. I identify as black but I have never let someone black tell me what I should be doing, should like, etc. I never had to have black role models or mentors. I never go out looking for black friends, although I've moved a lot. I've lived in places where I would not see a black man for a week at a time and work in an industry that is clearly not common for blacks. I do t believe all unequal outcomes are a result of racism.

That being said there are certain black people I will call coons and bedwenches with no remorse. I have moral boundaries.

Life is complicated. However I stopped caring about certain black people trying to tell me how to be black when I was in high school. I define me not peer pressure. I don't know any grown as educated black professionals who are different but if I did I probably wouldn't associate with them.

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Yes, for me, it's analogous (not the same but analogous) to free blacks during slavery. The free blacks today have emancipated themselves from the "mental slavery" of race essentialism, i.e. mentally limiting one's choices in life by the fact of one's race.

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Bro, for someone who talks a lot about "race is not important" you have written A LOT of posts about race and blackness and black people. A LOT. I would think if someone was "beyond race" they would focus on "more important things" and not that other people are black or care about being black. I do know black intellectuals who almost never speak about being black or their race, because they are interested in specific topics that have nothing to do with their race. However 75% of your posts are about being black, and "not caring about being black".

Why is that? hahah

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