"Wise men create prosperous times. ..."

I liked that, but Seacular Turnings has a four step cycle and you have three.

Consider the classical Greek cycle:

A man who has arete ("excellence") such as great power, great beauty, or great prowess may develop hubris ("arrogant pride").

Hubris leads to ate ("folly, blind recklessness" the final letter is pronounced), when he loses his sense of humility and becomes rash or imprudent.

The actions resulting from Ate violate the laws of nature and nature's god and by that law must be punished by nemesis ("retributive justice").

Arete, Hubris, Ate, Nemisis.

That is four.

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Excellent observations, Michael. THey as many times when you write, set one to thinking in new ways. Thank you and Salaama ya mwaka mpya from Kenya...Happy New Year.

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Thanks, Michael. Appreciate the thoughts. When family lines break down, we are reduced to generations. What a time.

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Quite a word on a Friday night.

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