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I find your idea of not wearing a racial mask helpful because it makes me more aware of how easy it is to forget being human and become self conscious about that particular part of our DNA that shows itself so publically in skin pigmentation. Looking back I remember reading Malcom X's autobiography where, after his Minnesota Red phase, and Whitey is the Devil phase, he went to Mecca and realised for the first time he was being treated as just another human being. If I understand you correctly then here are two examples from my experience in the streets of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe as a white American where I found myself both not wearing and also wearing a racial mask. In the first case I inadvertently caught the eye of a man who was visibly very upset coming toward me in a crowd. I got it that I was involved, so I acknowledged him and his tale of horrendous family difficulties began to pour out of him. I said I'm just a tourist here, but I can and will take the time to listen. I did, and we parted a while later with him a bit clamer. No mask, only a human interaction. On another occasion I was walking down a long empty street on a sleepy Sunday African afternoon when I saw three young men coming toward me wearing American style baggy shorts and shirts with caps on sideways. I was suddenly self conscious of my race and anxious, but when they passed me they all sang out together "Good Afternoon, Sir!" They were middle class school boys, acting in the English manner acquired from their private school. Joke's on me - let the humor begin.

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Many questions, I’ll start with, what would successful collaboration in public schooling look like?

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