I've got a 30 minute video for you from a late local luminary who spent the better part of his career on the interstice between science and magic.

I leave his casual ruminations as an exposition for you to consider on that vexing juxtaposition. (if you peel back a layer or two on the onion of serious, original mesospheric super-hustle aircraft, it's damn near as interesting as the nuclear weapons explosions in space that "taught" us about EMPs.)


If you're interested, there's a whole lot more to the discussion that Czysz kicks off in this interview.

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I've just finished reading a Walter Isaacson biography titled THE CODE BREAKER: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race — about two women who shared a Nobel in chemistry for cracking CRISPR and mRNA. (I couldn't put it down.) Here's a quote: "By honoring CRISPR, a virus-fighting system found in nature, in the midst of a virus pandemic, the Nobel committee reminded us how curiosity-driven basic research can end up having very practical applications. CRISPR and COVID are speeding our entry into a life-science era. Molecules are becoming the new microchips." (Powerful storytelling!)

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