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Good essay, thanks. Jesus was asked a question: "But who is my neighbor? (Luke 10). It's hard to know our neighbors if we don't engage — especially if we/they don't live nearby. As a nominal Judeo-Christian, I spent an hour, nearly every Saturday, as a volunteer, going into a prison in our little "white" farm town to conduct a nondenominational Bible study — a stealth ethics course, using the Bible as our textbook. Not having (not wanting) kids, I spent over 15 years mentoring other mens' sons, most of whom were Black. I'm grateful to have been a student in that classroom. Those Brothers, white and black, taught me much. (These days wife and I live south of the border, so my volunteer efforts are shifted to teaching Spanish-speaking kids English, thereby learning their language while in their classroom.)

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There's a great lecture I just consumed and will probably write about this month involving a neuroscientific view of brain hemisphere function. The lecturer suggests that we have built a meritocracy around a specific kind of partial reasoning much of which has little to do with spirit. My take on this is that in this modern world we over-rationalize even our spiritual endeavors.

I would try to emphasize, in my new look, even the non-verbal aspects of good vibes that I get from good people and give this the substantial part of my respect for the unspoken ethics of 'getting towards good'. In other words I'm not so sure that the Good News travels in the telling, but that the experience of it speaks for itself. So let us experience that and let the smile show up on our faces.

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