Its still garden variety 2D mostly, but here are some charts of various disparities among races:

1) Prison populations:


This site has datasets available, and there is information state by state.

2) life expectancy gap between black and white Americans, but its improving, and it could be eliminated ~2035


3) racial wealth gap, along with home ownership


While trying to avoid the trap of race essentialism and acknowledge the diversity of black experience, it feels like these metrics point in a direction that suggests disadvantage for black and latino people, while also showing improvement over time (e.g. life expectancy). Is it a mirage? Are there flames behind the smoke?

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I don't know, and I can't care to explain. Are Baptists poorer than Episcopalians? If they worship the same god, why would he allow a difference?

Seriously, I do not believe that racism is the biggest problem facing black Americans. It's just a social skill deficit in our country, like the inability to do algebra or speak French. And I'm not suggesting that the government funds Kumon & Berlitz at the national level, but that those with skill and awareness stay alert to the defects around you. At Free Black Thought, I do the race thing because our very universities have become zones of pathetic ignorance and cowardice. I am indeed fighting for my PhD buddies. Still, I see that as part of the larger effort to re-ignite the promise of Western civilization amidst the current decay and confusion. I don't want stupid to crowd out smart. Yet I know there is money and political power in dumbing down society.

My first instinct was to snap at you when I was reading email in bed. I still haven't had my tea. Apologies. But here is a more patient explanation of my attitude if you haven't read it already. ( https://mdcbowen.substack.com/p/the-existential-dilemma-of-black )

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