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Good one.

Did you ever catch this? Your musings brought me back to this conversation that just chilled my shit the first time I heard it. Jamie Metzl and Eric Weinstein re: genetic engineering and the future of childbirth. About 30 minutes... Eric's taking much better care of himself these days.


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The failures of the United States in Afghanistan is tantamount to all other attempts in that region, the Soviets too, all the way back to Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great. It was foolhardy and naïve to think what we brought to the table could be lasting.

We stayed too long and they didn't own enough of it. Only now we can hope that there is a new and young democratically minded generation capable of doing anything.

Thinking and creating situations of rampant technology makes for good and terrible fiction. Post apocalyptic technology focused hells are far less likely compared to the self imposed world ending scenarios we might cook up with the sequel to the Cold War.

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