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Michael –

Jonathan Haidt closes Happiness Hypothesis, a great book combining ancient wisdom, modern science and what makes us happy. I’m a fan, you are obviously a fan.

“A good place to look for wisdom is where you least expect to find it, in the minds of opponents. We know one side, ours. If you can remove the blinders, lose the myth the other side is evil, you can see other’s good ideas for the first time.” I found the perfect all sides resource by accident really.

I gave up TV news and newspapers 15 years ago. To my taste all are biased with too much political coverage (see evil). I never cared for politics. Some love it I always thought less was better. I replaced that with 20-30 minutes clicking what’s interesting everyday at a libertarian blog Instapundit and I could not be happier with the results. So I am sharing… they linked to you yesterday Race Talk Doesn’t Work. Insightful, Courageous, Thank you.


Why now?

Suddenly the media; TV and print have gone beyond taking sides. This Mueller Russia coverage showed the left, throwing ethics and journalism's traditional rigor out the fucking window. I’m in shock. I’m sharing this news source because I now see that for almost everyone at this moment there are no other trusted options. Try it 2 in place of normal news time for you for 2 weeks. Click through to the stories that interest you.

Example, for more than a year now it’s been demonstrated any Trump Russia collusion was highly unlikely. That it was in fact a very troubling government led conspiracy against a new president. Stay tuned to what happens next? People need to go to jail for this.

It’s also completely stupid on its surface. Why would Putin want a more conservative combative “America First” president?

Another example… Democracy and Capitalism work every time, Socialism never. Our world heading into the pandemic has never been better. Somehow that’s not newsworthy.



That’s two examples, there are 20… you will better understand our world I promise. I am proof of that

“No one side is right, smarter is not necessarily better, more aware is better.” Haidt again, who I first read 5 years ago (with the time I saved not reading newspapers and stressing over TV news). You know this. It is only at this time of manufactured crazy that I feel compelled to give you extra tools for deciphering.

Read these last 2 Pinker books if you haven’t. Equal to Haidt in mind blowing proofs… Enlightment Now and Better Angels of our Nature. We are all so lucky to be living at this amazing time. Thanks again to you, word is getting out.

Frederick Douglass work and life amazing as was MLK’s. This is an amazing country, if you chose to as you noted, just dive in.

Roger Vaughan


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Thank you sir. I'm in the latter parts of James Clappers' memoirs and I want to like him, but I'm starting not to. I never got interested in a lot of the junk about Trump - which I should republish here, so not much of all that ham sandwich indictment meant much. At this moment in Clapper, he is boxing in Gen Flynn in very generously imprecise language. I think too many years in the intelligence services will muddle a fine mind and destroy a mediocre one. Clapper is somewhere between muddled and destroyed, and he will go to his grave without the luxury of ever being able to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help him God.

In the days of yore, I was something of a hotshot blogger, in conservative leagues with Glenn Reynolds and several others notable on the West Coast. I even did a stint in the token conservative chair of an NPR show. But I quickly became weary of political stunts and I did have a day job which paid well. Somewhere around 2008, I lost all confidence that we had any principled politics left and decided to get out of that game. I've had a difficult time since then reigning in my public spiritedness but I also felt some obligation to mock. As I increased my skepticism where once I was curious and analytical, I found Stoicism and ultimately a better class of conversation in the IDW.

Part of that involved ingesting Pinker and a number of others including Haidt, but also some rapt attention to the people whose skills are ultimately going to keep the lights on. Not just talking about keeping the lights on, I mean replacing exploded transformers at electrical substations. I have the good fortune to have an engineer's attitude.

Ironically, it has been Gapminder that has helped me most in dismissing all of the noise. I realized looking at these profiles, that there is a great deal of economic deprivation we humans are capable of suffering. https://www.gapminder.org/dollar-street/?max=1007&regions=as So I find hope in the prospect that Americans may learn some hard lessons.

Anyway, it's always good to meet an investor.


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Thankfully all boats are rising the smallest by the biggest percentages. All boats that don't have ruthless authoritarian leadership that is. Read...

Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler on Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think!


This video gives the perfect taste.


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