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You only have that "convenience" of expedience to say the vaccine worked. You'd make a great politician. My wife and I are currently recovering from COVID. Mild symptoms, no fever, just can't taste or smell. Neither of us are vaccinated. It's an incredibly common experience. My father-in-law got the vaccine AND a fever, but will hopefully pull through. So, fuck your mandate.

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The cool thing about being a survivor is the ability to tell losers to fuck off without having the necessity of scientific proof of causality. So I have to agree that I'd make a great president, because my policy allows you to tell me to. As for the mandate, it's constitutional, and I can do it without FEMA camps. Conscientious objection noted.

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"Survivor"? Could you be any more pathetic with your need for attention? I used to admire you. What a fucking waste of time that was. Your fascism is noted.

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I was talking about us. WE survived. So we're both equally entitled to sing like Frank Sinatra.

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You can keep your "survivor" participation trophy. I'm just guy who lived another day in a world full of threats. But I'll be damned if I let my cowardice sentence anyone to death. You're just another tyrant who never got his turn if this sorry display of weak-mindedness is any reliable measure of your character.

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I'll only say this, upon which much of this logic depends, having nothing to do with my own situation at all.

#1. The US armed forces are mandated to have 18 vaccinations, including one for COVID.

#2. This is done not as a measure of tyranny or egotism but for the actual health of these forces in the interest of the security of the USA.

#3. This is the best the government can do.

#4. The example of the health and fitness of the troops is a good example for ordinary Americans.

#5. There is a legal constitutional precedent for mandating vaccinations, even as we do for public school children.

That is the core of the position. Just to make it clear for anyone else who may be interested in cutting to the chase.

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I don't have the time nor the inclination to dissect what you've gotten horribly wrong here. I hoped you would have risen above your fear from when this all started. Instead, you've made a god out of it.

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"As for the mandate, it's constitutional, and I can do it without FEMA camps. Conscientious objection noted."

smdh..., some people can rationalize damn near anything. Your essay evinces a profound misunderstanding of synthetic biology, the goals and objectives of "money seeking a return", and the categorical devaluation of life in the "no lives matter" stretch of what's currently underway.

When I walked from the Harvard end of Mass Ave, down to the MIT end and back in 2016 killing time ahead of my daughter's graduation from Tufts, and found Cambridge unrecognizable due to the anticipatory overdevelopment of synthetic biology interests, I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that bad and wrong things were around that signpost up ahead.

I didn't need to see a damn thing else in order to know better. That much capital accumultation is going to demand a return on investment quick, fast, and in a hurry. As it was, it waited nearly a decade, and last year brought that long, dry wait to an abrupt end. As simply as possible, we're in the grips of a political battle over "what people actually need" and "what money wants". There are so many different places you could be pointed to educate yourself, but here's one of the more succinct and eye-opening ones for your consideration.


I used to keep a running, arm-chair list of miraculous monoclonal antibody "cures" for various and sundry autoimmune ailments. I called them the mubabs and lumabs, you know, all them crazy multi-named patent remedies being peddled for every autoimmune malfunction under the sun? I'm surprised given your socio-economic status that you haven't been pointed in the direction of one such miraculous medicament for your diabetes.

Self-inject in the thigh, $6500/shot, two shots a week for the first five weeks, and then a monthly maintenance shot thereafter for the rest of your life. Great shit if you can afford the initial $75K turnaround treatment and then the $6500/month for life maintenance fees.

Shoot man, if I can get rid of growing medicaments in eggs, in bioreactors, and I can go straight to phase II and III clinical trials among you unprofitable livestock, and you lack the testicular fortitude to make even a whimper about being so abused? If I can hijack the most fundamental "machinery" of life itself for a bullshit vascular disease primarily a threat to the elderly, the obese and those with lesser immune deficiency disorders?

Shit, if I can force it on an unsustainable military into these clinical trials and pretend not only that they're government issued, but that in fact "I own their otherwise unprofitable bodies"?

One need look no further than the Afghanistan debacle to know that this WW-II military is going to be dismantled because it's about as militarily relevant in the current era of drone swarms as redcoats would be in the Mekong delta...,

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Well in the first place I am quite annoyed by dissonance of our two tiered economy. What people need and what money wants are clearly unlinked by our ruling class. But I did not presume that what goes down in Wuhan, despite the American presence and influence, might be coordinated with the calculation that the Mercks of the world might fast track miracle cures for the possibility of medical prescription slavery. That's about as evil as the bad guy in the novel I might never finish. I must hand it to you, that is a deliciously sinister plot.

There is a distinct possibility that a class of technologists could latch on to the spinal column of an outfit like Pfizer, like Alfred working offbooks for Wayne Industries, and build the mother of all genetic hacks, or at the very least the Bitcoin of a new class of hacks. How secret could it be kept? That is the question. Perhaps as secret as a Star Wars script at Disney. Yet I think as the stakes go higher, so will go the motivations for defection and leaks. That's still asymmetrical in favor of the dark side. Lord knows enough people are distracted enough from thinking about such murky business. So that leaves me with the question of whether or not the US armed forces could be that stealthily abused. It's a very high barrier, sez me. Still I will grant this a non-zero possibility.

I am tempted to speculate about what level of stupid we will continue to elect, and I continue to wrestle with the obligations of citizenship. I lean towards the interests of admittedly destabilizing and dissonance friendly decentralization of power. That means more tribes and more isolation of the competent. I'm hoping most technologists are not aiming to become exactly the kind of spine-lampreys that can be bought on the DL to enable evil stealth takeovers. I'm expecting them to wrestle seriously with the moral aspects. I'm also expecting the proliferation of such decentralized tribes to require more loyalty than the speculative cabals can afford. In other words, while we have the infrastructure for startup management to do this stealth work, I'm not convinced that the capital can cover enough bets or control enough of the entrepreneurial types that would be drawn to such dicey opportunities. So I'm betting the successful outliers will be found out, especially by FOMO in the Genius Class. Greenwald, for example, is still alive. But you know the old saying "If we wanted him dead, he'd already be dead."

If Fauci's a figleaf, then Osterholm would probably know. Then again, what's the going rate for buying off world class experts with 40 years experience? I think I'm going to re-read 'America At Night'.

I must say also, that I am thoroughly disgusted by the sloth and greed in the mainstream of our healthcare markets. They are getting away with it, but yeah you know that I was saying that in '07.

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"Then again, what's the going rate for buying off world class experts with 40 years experience?"

Fauci is an exemplary pointy-haired boss. 40 years of management and administration can make you a worthy buzzword bingo star, a slippery professional liar, but it's hardly going to enhance your technical expertise in ANY area of endeavor.


Dr. Anthony Fauci is a liar. That much has been clear for a very long time, though, it’s become more in your face as the months have worn on. The latest example comes courtesy of documents that prove Fauci lied about NIH funding going to gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China.


Now, thanks to materials (here and here) released through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by The Intercept against the National Institutes of Health (which were unredacted enough to toss Fauci under the bus), we now know that Fauci-funded EcoHealth Alliance, a New York-based nonprofit headed by Peter Daszak, was absolutely engaged in gain-of-function research to make chimeric SARS-based coronaviruses, which they confirmed could infect human cells.

Ebright summarized The Intercept's reporting in a Monday night Twitter thread:

theintercept | "The trove of documents includes two previously unpublished grant proposals that were funded by the NIAID, as well as project updates relating to the EcoHealth Alliance’s research, which has been scrutinized amid increased interest in the origins of the pandemic."


"I'm hoping most technologists are not aiming to become exactly the kind of spine-lampreys that can be bought on the DL to enable evil stealth takeovers. I'm expecting them to wrestle seriously with the moral aspects. I'm also expecting the proliferation of such decentralized tribes to require more loyalty than the speculative cabals can afford."

It's hard enough just for members of the slice to come forward and legally and administratively resist the forced vaccinations.

Here is the latest move by the University of California in response to my lawsuit in Federal court challenging their vaccine mandate on behalf of Covid-recovered individuals with natural immunity. Last Thursday Sept 30th at 5:03 PM I received this letter from the University informing me that, as of the following morning, I was being placed on “Investigatory Leave” for my failure to comply with the vaccine mandate. I was given no opportunity to contact my patients, students, residents, or colleagues and let them know I would disappear for a month. Rather than waiting for the court to make a ruling on my case, the University has taken preemptive action:



I get that for most who have submitted to being uncompensated guinea pigs in the phase III mass human experiment with mRNA goo, you can't exactly get "unjabbed" - so its necessary to rationalize it to yourself. But that said, exactly how much research have you done into RNA, the physics of life, and the 40 year history of these experiments prior to their opportunistic rollout this past year?

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Let's Go Brandon!!!


I think Biden’s speech slammed the door on “people having their fears and concerns addressed”: “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin.” Maybe next time.


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Curious . . . how did you determine that the vaccine was effective? Do you have a sense of what your most likely outcome would've been absent the vaccine?

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Over the past few weeks I have been seeing (admittedly memes) including x-rays of patients with and without the vaccine. The most severe cases are predominately those who are unvaccinated. But generally I am suggesting that several nations have created vaccines that converge on fighting the virus. What are the chances that all nations' are dead wrong in their anti-virus vaccination designs?

I am much more confident about the risk/reward dynamic involved in developing a vaccine by multinationals as regards efficacy and safety which will quickly become evident, than I am about the risk/reward dynamic of government officials in their predictions and guidelines. Fauci will not be removed no matter how bad he screwed up, but Pfizer's vaccine is demonstrably more effective than J&J's so J&J will suffer more. Consider something like this: (http://www.healthdata.org/covid/covid-19-vaccine-efficacy-summary)

Bottom line is that truly nobody(?) was prepared for what emerged as that thing we now call the 'delta variant' which was more contagious than the original. I caught it, and never even developed a fever. I trust that Moderna did something right, not that I'm superman. I trust that their trials and procedures worked in an area they grew a business around. All this and I am allergic to Penicillin, so I really prefer being off all medications.

I'm also not saying this trust is blind. And I do not doubt sneaky dealing, given what I've read about Merck's application for funding despite it's controversy over Ivermectin (which my own doctor told me he used while treating a severely immuno-compromised COVID patient).

My most likely outcome is unknown, but I do know that I had a bad case of bronchitis a few years back. It was much more severe than my COVID. My greatest fear is drowning, so I certainly don't want to deal with the likes of this stuff. (https://livehealthy.chron.com/can-emphysema-pneumonia-same-time-1292.html)

Despite all of that, my obligation was to the health of my immediate family. I would not assert myself against their wishes to have the cleanest house possible. Yet I literally have a relative that left the country in order not to deal with the compromise she sees in what's going on in public policy. I have others who were willing to submit to tests on a regular basis rather than take the shot.

I trust my increased exposure to a number of doctors and health experts is good for me. So I changed doctors to one recommended by a doctor friend. This doctor practices in a sports medicine environment, which means he and his associates attend athletes here in LA who literally have multimillion dollar bodies. I also read with a great deal of confidence the book by Michael Osterholm in March of 2020 and much of what he wrote about has proven correct. I think I had a good number of sufficient reasons. And I will deal with the retrospective as well.

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I guess what I was more getting at, and I don't have any right to intrude upon your personal medical situation, but if I look at myself, and the data that have been made available to date, it seems that I have a very low somewhere in the 1% range risk of hospitalization or severe disease both as a vaccinated person and before I was ever vaccinated. I've not had COVID that I'm aware of (never been tested), but were I to get COVID and then the disease goes as I would expect (mild to moderate, at home, no prescription meds), I wouldn't then turn around and declare the vaccine effective. That was the expected outcome given my risk profile whether or not I got the vaccine. If on the other hand, everyone in my house tested positive, and then I did not, then I might say that the vaccine caused my situation to outperform what would otherwise have been expected. Which leads me to another question your post raised, what about your unvaccinated and uninfected son? Wouldn't that at least be one data point in favor of maybe the vaccines aren't so effective?

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I'm 60 years old and diabetic. He's 27 and has a bum leg. I take it that both the virus and the anti-virus are both unknowns and that the virus is much more likely to be dangerous than the anti-virus. But in either case, our own health profiles will be more deterministic of our outcomes. So I bet that the anti-virus doesn't even have to be effective to be better than the virus so long as it's definitely not worse than the virus. Then I reiterate that the effectiveness had to be proven during the trials using the very same research you used to estimate your 1% chance of morbidity. That made it an easy bet. But there is still a long bet that the mRNA process will have unknown repercussions in humans - yet it has been successful in mammals.

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Yeah, I think 60 and diabetic and a mild case is a good argument for efficacy of the vaccine!

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