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You only have that "convenience" of expedience to say the vaccine worked. You'd make a great politician. My wife and I are currently recovering from COVID. Mild symptoms, no fever, just can't taste or smell. Neither of us are vaccinated. It's an incredibly common experience. My father-in-law got the vaccine AND a fever, but will hopefully pull through. So, fuck your mandate.

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"As for the mandate, it's constitutional, and I can do it without FEMA camps. Conscientious objection noted."

smdh..., some people can rationalize damn near anything. Your essay evinces a profound misunderstanding of synthetic biology, the goals and objectives of "money seeking a return", and the categorical devaluation of life in the "no lives matter" stretch of what's currently underway.

When I walked from the Harvard end of Mass Ave, down to the MIT end and back in 2016 killing time ahead of my daughter's graduation from Tufts, and found Cambridge unrecognizable due to the anticipatory overdevelopment of synthetic biology interests, I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that bad and wrong things were around that signpost up ahead.

I didn't need to see a damn thing else in order to know better. That much capital accumultation is going to demand a return on investment quick, fast, and in a hurry. As it was, it waited nearly a decade, and last year brought that long, dry wait to an abrupt end. As simply as possible, we're in the grips of a political battle over "what people actually need" and "what money wants". There are so many different places you could be pointed to educate yourself, but here's one of the more succinct and eye-opening ones for your consideration.


I used to keep a running, arm-chair list of miraculous monoclonal antibody "cures" for various and sundry autoimmune ailments. I called them the mubabs and lumabs, you know, all them crazy multi-named patent remedies being peddled for every autoimmune malfunction under the sun? I'm surprised given your socio-economic status that you haven't been pointed in the direction of one such miraculous medicament for your diabetes.

Self-inject in the thigh, $6500/shot, two shots a week for the first five weeks, and then a monthly maintenance shot thereafter for the rest of your life. Great shit if you can afford the initial $75K turnaround treatment and then the $6500/month for life maintenance fees.

Shoot man, if I can get rid of growing medicaments in eggs, in bioreactors, and I can go straight to phase II and III clinical trials among you unprofitable livestock, and you lack the testicular fortitude to make even a whimper about being so abused? If I can hijack the most fundamental "machinery" of life itself for a bullshit vascular disease primarily a threat to the elderly, the obese and those with lesser immune deficiency disorders?

Shit, if I can force it on an unsustainable military into these clinical trials and pretend not only that they're government issued, but that in fact "I own their otherwise unprofitable bodies"?

One need look no further than the Afghanistan debacle to know that this WW-II military is going to be dismantled because it's about as militarily relevant in the current era of drone swarms as redcoats would be in the Mekong delta...,

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Curious . . . how did you determine that the vaccine was effective? Do you have a sense of what your most likely outcome would've been absent the vaccine?

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