Sitemap - 2021 - Stoic Observations

The Moral Inversion of Solidarity

Kwanzaa Skirmishes

Disinformation and Digital Democratic Practice

Seven Rules for Saving All Your Stuff

She's So Heavy

Stoic Racelessness

St. George vs St. Kyle

The Satisfaction of Piety vs The Concentration of Force

Leaving My Blackness At Home

Multipolar Democracy

Very Fine People

The Will To Be Persuaded & The Rationality of Violent Conflict

Looking Back on When I..

Hanging With Mr. Cooper

Dancing on the Third Rail

Dave Tries Being Civil

The Survivor

Deep Blues

My Pronoun

Bad Black History

The Power of 10,000 Adjuncts

You Don't Care About AI

The New Jazz Exploration

An Appeal for Unity

Sword and Sorcery in Afghanistan

What If... A Black Supervillain


Cultural Appropriation & Privilege

The Strategic Air Command Parent

A Capital Riot

Who Needs Science?

First Person Parables

You Are Not In A Community

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

The Existential Dilemma of Black Anti-Racism

The Axis of Magic

Something Hegelian This Way Comes

Addendum on Charles Murray

Charles Murray's Game

Five Levels of Analytics

The Gris Gris of High John

Hard To Kill

Critical Race Theory

Fractional Ethnicity

A Devil's Dictionary of Lies

The Misunderstood Quiet of Programmers

The Epistemics

Teaching Our Way To Freedom

Koranic Thought - Jahiliyyah

A Tribal Declaration

The Perfection of Individuality

Brother & Sister

A Nation of Stooges

My Matrix Answer

The Fascist

Peasant Morality

A Cop on Trial

The Meritocracy Question

Rough Intelligence

The Persistence of 360

Black Cancellation on Clubhouse, Already.

John Brown & Harriet Tubman Sitting in a Tree

The Power of Prayer

Doc's LAPD Story

An Uppity Answer

The Real Steely Dan

Revenge of the Nerds

The Limits of Funk

Why Were Black People Cool?

Special Effect

Vocal Fry & The Voice of Authority

A Devil's Dictionary of Disagreeables

The Corpse Flotilla

May, Isbell & Lezama

The Black Substandard

Gina Carano & The Next Chivalry

Farewell to a Dream of Baldwin

Now Hear This v4

On the Proper Failure of America

Infinite Injustice

In Defiance of Categories

The End of Hope

Babes In The Woods

A Social Short Squeeze

Jedi & Sith

Let the Purge Begin

Niggers & White Trash

Sleeper Cell Democracy

The Missing Man on Gilligan's Island

Kludge Government

I Ching & The Jack in the Box Taco

Are You Not Entertained?

American Panic